Weruva Cat Food Review: Keep It Simple Keep It Safe

Weruva Cat Food Review

It is pragmatic that nutrition requirement of cats and humans will be surely different. More specifically that are opposite. The main staple food for human is grains or grain-based food, whereas the best diet for a cat is a well formulated raw, home-cooked or grain-free canned diet. Moreover, cat’s digestion system is unfitting for carbohydrates. 

The exact food plan for a cat is:

  • The food should contain maximum level of protein. The best one is organic meat/poultry.
  • Grain-free food i.e. a minimum carbohydrate at all! Cat’s digestive system is not designed for unnecessary carbohydrates. So, no rice, barley, or any kind of grains!
  • The food should be free from other additives or by-products, corn, soy, or any other preservatives.
  • No carrageenan in the food.
  • Take a sincere look at the label.

After many research on cat food for my pet cat, I came to know the Weruva brand name. their product ingredients, product outline and outsourcing criteria was convincing enough that I changed to Weruva Cat Food recently.

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However, you may change or not, it’s up to you, but always maintain some general checking on your pet regarding your chosen cat food for his/her.

  • Your chosen food should meet the nutritional level established by AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient Profiles for all life stages.
  • Keep an eye on your cat’s bodyweight and condition for several weeks on your given food.
  • Re-consider the food intake amount of your cat, if she/he gains unhealthy amount of weight.
  • Again, increase food intake level if the reduced level of food intake makes him/her tired or lethargic.
  • The food should be fed at room temperature and any uneaten portion should be refrigerated.Additionally, take a closer look on the change of body fur of your cat if possible.

Weruva Cat Food Founder

Weruva Cat Food Founder

Apparently, Weruva is a strange name. But etymology of the name is a little bit surprising for a pet food company. The Forman couple, David and Stacie, is the founder of the company, who were dedicated to produce high-quality homemade diet for their cats – Webster, Rudi, and Vanessa. Yes, the name of the company is made from the first two letters of each cat name.

Though the company started their journey with only cat food, they expanded the dog food section lately. The company headquarter is in Natick, Massachusetts and all of their products are produced in human-grade facilities, situated in Thailand.

The reason behind their homemade Weruva Cat food success is the food quality, made with premium proteins and other necessary healthy ingredients, resulting in the cat become more nourished from the inside out. Another point I appreciate that they don’t use any low-quality fillers or artificial additives. The most unique point of Weruva Cat Food is the company only just made wet cat food and they have a wide range of suggestion on that product line, so the best option can be chosen without nutrition headache.

Repeal for Weruva Cat Food?

Most of the interested pet lovers raise a question on, the outsourcing of the Cat food manufacturing in Thailand of, Weruva Cat Food. Other competitors, most high-quality manufacturers produce their pet foods in the United States, and only Weruva does not. One of the founder of the Weruva Cat Food ensures the quality of safety of the products. David Forman explained: “Our foods are produced in a facility in Thailand that also makes food for people around the world, including the US and the strict EU and Japan. Similar to our USDA, there is a branch in Thailand called the Department of Livestock Development (DLD). The chickens we source in Thailand are part of an Animal Welfare Standard that sets forth ethical treatment guidelines that helps protect livestock and cattle at the farm, during transport and at the time of processing. Thailand is the 3rd or 4th largest poultry producer in the world for human consumption with much of it exported…so there is heavy regulation by the Thai government to ensure the ethical treatment of animals as well as high processing standards. The diets of the chickens is non-GMO.”

Again while being asked for the outsourcing in China for the taurine, and a few of the minerals, David forman continued to explain, “Indeed, country of origin has become a very important issue. What we have always maintained is that it is less about the country of origin and more about the quality control from a particular company and what proactive steps a company takes when they learn there is an issue. Many people are focused on “US only” production and feel it is the safest, but the reality about that is that the US has experienced and continues to experience higher rates of recall than most countries, including those in China.” Given the recent slew of pet food recalls, most of them for dry food, this point is well taken.

David continued to explain: “As it pertains to taurine, it does come from China. The last statistic I heard was that 98% of the world’s supply of taurine comes from China. I believe Japan produces the next highest amount, but when looking into sourcing from there, as supply is extremely limited in comparison to demand, new customers more or less get on a waiting list as the existing customers get priority. As to the other minerals from China, we have had no reason to doubt the quality of the ingredients or the availability thereof. While we do understand the concerns about China, suffice to say, sometimes unpopular decisions are still healthy ones.”


However, it is no doubt that David and Stacie ensures the highest quality homemade food.

Weruva Cat Food Offerings

The general offerings of Weruva is subcategorized in four sections, maintaining highest proportion of Protein comparing to fat and carbohydrates. Each product line is affordable and unique regarding formulation. Every product line come in both cans and pouches, along with a line of supplements and treats. The list of Weruva’s wet cat food products line is given below:

Weruva TruLuxe Canned Food Recipes

  • On the Cat Wok with Chicken & Beef in Pumpkin Soup
  • Kawa Booty with Kawakawa Tuna in Gravy
  • Mediterranean Harvest with Tuna & Veggies in Gravy
  • Peking Ducken with Chicken & Duck in Gravy
  • Steak Frites with Beef & Pumpkin in Gravy
  • Glam ‘N Punk with Lamb & Duck in GeleeHonor Roll with Saba in Gravy
  • Meow Me a River with Basa in GravyPretty in Pink with Salmon in Gravy
  • Quick ‘N Quirky with Chicken & Turkey in Gravy
Weruva TruLuxe Canned Food Recipes

Weruva TruLuxe Canned Food Recipes

  • Paw Lickin’ Chicken with Chicken in Gravy
  • Grandma’s Chicken Soup with Chicken & Pumpkin
  • Funky Chunky Chicken Soup with Pumpkin
  • Nine Liver with Chicken & Chicken Liver in Gravy
  • Green Eggs and Chicken with Chicken, Egg and Greens in Gravy
  • Outback Grill with Trevally & Barramundi in Aspic
  • Marbella Paella with Mackerel and Shrimp in Aspic
  • Asian Fusion wit Tuna & Shirasu in Aspic
  • Mack and Jack with Mackerel and Grilled Skipjack in Aspic
  • Polynesian BBQ with Grilled Red Bigeye in Aspic
  • Meow Luau with Mackerel and Pumpkin
  • Mideast Feast with Grilled Tilapia in Gravy
Weruva Original Canned Food Recipes:

Best Feline Friend Cans and Pouches:

  • Tuna & Bonito Be Mine Recipe
  • Tuna Too Cool Recipe
  • Tuna & Shrimp Sweethearts in Gravy
  • Tuna & Pumpkin Valentine in Gravy
  • Tuna & Salmon Soulmates Recipe
  • Tuna & Tilapia Twosome RecipeTuna & Chicken 4EVA Recipe
  • Tuna & Chicken Chuckles RecipeTuna & Chicken Charm Me RecipeTuna & Beef Baby Cakes Recipe
  • Tuna & Turkey Tickles RecipeTuna & Salmon Sweet Cheeks Recipe
  • Tuna & Lamb Luv Ya RecipeTuna & Duck Devour Me Recipe
Best Feline Friend Cans and Pouches:

Cats in the Kitchen Cans and Pouches:

  • 1 If By Land, 2 If By Sea Tuna, Beef & Salmon in Gravy.
  • Chick Magnet Chicken & Mackerel in Gravy.
  • Love Me Tender Chicken & Duck in Gravy.
  • Mack, Jack and Sam Salmon, Mackerel, & Skip Jack Tuna in Gravy.
  • Pumpkin Jack Splash Tuna in Pumpkin Soup.
  • Pumpkin Lickin’ Chicken Chicken in Pumpkin Soup.
  • Chick Fric ‘A Zee Chicken Recipe Au Jus.Fowl Ball Chicken & Turkey Recipe Au Jus.
  • Funk in the Trunk Chicken Recipe in Pumpkin Consommé.
  • Goldie Lox Chicken & Salmon Recipe Au Jus.
  • Kitty Gone Wild Salmon Recipe Au Jus.La Isla Bonita Mackerel & Shrimp Recipe Au Jus.
  • Lamb Burgini Lamb Recipe Au Jus.
  • Splash Dance Chicken & Ocean Fish Recipe Au Jus.
  • The Double Dip Chicken & Beef Recipe Au Jus.
  • Two Tu Tango Sardine, Tuna & Turkey Recipe Au Jus.
Cats in the Kitchen Cans and Pouches

Cats in the Kitchen Cans and Pouches

Weruva Cat Food Treat and Supplements:

With a wide range of canned foods and pouches Weruva also has a finite option of treats and supplements. Fresh pumpkin made the Pumpkin Patch Up supplement is for both cats and dogs to supplement your pet’s fiber intake. Only two options are available for treats, Paw Lickin’ Chicken and Blue Water Whitefish, featuring both of these grain-free and freeze-dried for maximum nutritional value.

However, the exhibition of Weruva Cat Food on their website, you will be tricked for a moment to take it as a human recipe, as each recipe looks yummy and exceptionally healthy. On the website, David (CEO), makes it quite clear that:

“Our base proteins of chicken, beef and fish include only top quality muscle meat, such as white breast chicken, whole tuna loins and select cuts of beef”.

So, does a carnivore’s animal do really need!

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My Favorite Weruva Cat Food Recipes

Though my Percy like all Weruva Cat Food, he already made some clear favorite. One of which is Paw Lickin’ Chicken – Weruva Cat Food

The Nutrition Level I love about Paw Lickin’ Chicken
  • Low carbohydrates, just 3.3%, resulting in making it grain-free.
  • 65% protein level.Literally can be edible for humans.
  • Looks and taste both are good.
  • Chicken is Shredded.85% moisture content.

My complain on Weruva Cat Food

  • Foods produce low calorie.
  • Sometimes Percy becomes a little hungry after eating, so I need to mix some raw food with original Weruva Cat Food.
  • As usual, Percy took some days to become habituate with Weruva Cat Food.

The Weruva Cats in the Kitchen Fowl Ball Chicken & Turkey Recipe

The primary source of this recipe is chicken and turkey for healthy protein and natural flavor. A balanced fatty acid combination, Omega – 3 and Omega – 6 is also maintained in this recipe from sunflower seed oil and fish oil. This combination of Weruva Cat Food improves cat’s immune health, as well as flourish healthy skin and coat. Percy’s coat already has become smoother and silkier then two weeks before.

Weruva Cat Food is also enriched with dietary fiber, while it is completely grain-free and starch-free. To improve cat’s digestion the recipe includes locust bean gum, guar gum, and xanthan gum to add some dietary fiber simultaneously thickening the recipe. Synthetic vitamin and mineral supplements are also added in Weruva Cats in the Kitchen Fowl Ball Chicken & Turkey Recipe.

This Weruva Cats in the Kitchen Fowl Ball Chicken & Turkey Recipe has a guaranteed analysis as follows:

  • Crude Protein (Min) – 10.3%
  • Crude Fat (Min) – 5.8%
  • Crude Fiber (Max) – 1%
  • Moisture (Max) – 82%
  • Calorie Content – 151 per 6-ounce can.


My thoughts on this recipe is that the recipe is good. The recipe ensures the protein intake 100%, while made a balanced combination of dietary elements. Two types of fatty acid ensure fatty acid supply, yet it would be better if fish oil was enlisted as the primary choice for the supply. As mentioned earlier, Weruva Cat Food contains less carbohydrates, the deficiency can be met up by using some fresh fruits and vegetables as supplementary sources of fiber ae well as for key vitamins and minerals. For cat’s digestion, additional dried fermentation can be little helpful as probiotics.

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Final Thoughts

At a glance, Weruva Cat Food is surely a good option for high-protein cat food with dietary nutrients mixed in it. Weruva Cat Food offers a variety of wet cat food which are grain-free, low in fat and carbohydrates. Yet, you can go for a better option, as the outsourcing of the company from China and Thailand ids being questioned among the pet lovers.


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