Understanding Cat Behavior | Top 6 Shocking Behavior of Cat Explained

We all love the way cat behave and try to understanding cat behavior whenever we play with them or when they are left alone. Sometimes they really act strange like lying flat on a table or on the front dashboard of the car. Do you catch you cat sleeping crunch up in a tight little ball, shaping themselves on a little box, glass or a pan?

A strange thing they do is pawing at their litter just before or after using it and you wonder, what’s that?

By this article you are going to learn about some shocking behavior of cat below.

Understanding Cat Behavior

Sleeping in a tight ball

Understanding Cat Behavior
This is nothing surprising because many mammals naturally sleep like this way. They do so to retain heat and also to keep themselves protected. The cats push themselves into a small space as a security by surrounding their body part in with a solid wall so that they can’t be snuck up on and if not then roll up into a tight ball. This is just similar the way a bird tucks its wings in or the way bird foot up into his feathers as it’s an easy way to retain heat.

Way they knead

Understanding Cat Behavior
In the early days it’s been traces that all the kittens kneed with their mom’s belly just to encourage her for the milk production. The is performed by the kittens whenever they are relaxed or cozy soon they grew up. Whenever they miss their mom’s belly they knead on a soft blanket or even on your skin, this reminds of their mother’s belly. This means another thing too like whenever they are sad or scared, a way to self-calm.

When they paw on their litter

understanding cat behavior


If your little kitty is from the cat which lived in the desert than your cat is going to decide whether to dig a hole or just hide their urine and feces before or after. This behavior is generally for the territory mark. Like if your cat’s litter box is located in a place where he doesn’t spend much time then he would probably consider that place as his peripheral territory and this decision will make an affect whether to cover his feces or not. We all know that “smell” is an important factor for any cat as it defines their own space. He might not cover the remains if they consider their litter box outside of his territory. But if it’s inside his territory than he might incline and cover up to smell as cats are pretty clean creature of their own.

Exposed belly

This considered as tricky one and can be harmful if not played right. It may a good side too because whenever your cat is in a happy, playful mood which let you to give her a tummy rub. Though many cats don’t enjoy the belly rub but you can make them learn and enjoy when they are young kittens. Again the belly is a vulnerable area for cats and they might get protective. Her back claws are the most powerful weapon and she can use that when upset or feels feisty by rolling onto her back and unleashing her back claws. As a precaution you should have a knowledge Try to understanding cat behavior that when you are having a playful fight with her and if she exposes her stomach then there is a high chance to have her claws to come out.

Sleeping anywhere

Cats really love to wedge into any tiny spaces just to observe happening from a distance as cats are the ambush by born. By enclosing themselves in a small space gives them a sense of security probably and also a way to retain heat.

Midnight Crazies

understanding cat behavior

If you have a cat at your house and an owner of a cat, then there is a thing as a witching hour. Every cat owner try to understanding cat behavior.Often it happens at night like you are preparing your bed to go to sleep or you are already asleep, your cat maybe raring to play. This can mean two things. First, cat has their own different wake pattern. Leaving the night time, cats sleep multiple times throughout the day and night. As cat can sleep through and wake throughout the 24-hour period and that’s the reason they naturally awake for different times. At daytime hours, cat consider that hour as a quiet time when family member isn’t present at home. When the entire brood are home in the evening, it may energize your well-rested cat. Though it doesn’t help cats as fast learners. This actually means, when you give attention of this craziness of your cat, it makes him feel that he is being rewarded for his behavior and thus continue this.

Like these there are more weird, funny, random, common, strange, and lovable explained behavior of cats and you will understanding cat behavior. To know those all, follow our website.

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