Best Cat Training Tips for beginners

Many people see cats as more of a wild pet, but this simply is not true. Nearly everyone who owns a dog has gone through extensive training in the past, and many people actually, wrongly, believe that cats cannot be trained. Usually, you hear stories about cats running away from home, littering everywhere, and even dragging dead, sometimes even alive, rodents back to snack on. Cat training tips can be hard to come-by, due to most people adopting this negative mind-set about cats, however our article will help you connect with your cat in a way you did not know was possible!

Although we mentioned that you can, indeed, train a cat to be a tame, playful animal, it is not exactly the same as teaching a dog. You can’t just take your cat to the park and shout “fetch”, like you may with a dog because they are totally different animals and have to be treated as such, but don’t let that dishearten you! After reading our handy cat training tips guide you will be all set to get your cat under control.

Cat training tip #1 – House training:

Cat Training

We are going to start off with the basics: house training. You may, or may not, know that cats do their “business” in litter trays. Using a litter box is handy because your cat can come and go as it pleases, which makes your job in the long-run easier.

If you take a look at some of the feline relatives, such as Lions, you will notice that they are quite clean animals by nature and their fur and manes are always kept in tip-top condition. This is good news for you because it means that your cat should take to “house training” naturally because of their clean nature.

  1. First, you want to make sure that your litterbox is fully clean, and your cat has not just been to the toilet. Next what you want to do is place your fully-clean litter box and your cat in a small room, free from other distractions.
  2. Next what you need to do is leave enough fresh water and food in the room with the cat, so that is will eventually need the toilet. After a while of the cat being in the room, it should hopefully go to the toilet in the litter box. If by some chance it went out of the box then, and this is where it can seem unpleasant, you need to move the litter on the floor into the box.
  3. You should then leave the cat in there for a bit, maybe a day or so (Remember to keep leaving plenty of fresh water and food) and hopefully by then they will be going in the litter box all of the time.

Cat training tip #2 – Obedience training:

Cat Training

By now you will have had your cat for a while and already you should start to notice some traits. Hopefully, you will like your cat and get on well with it but, inevitably, there will be some things that it does you don’t like. Maybe it has brought home a dead mouse or chewed on your curtain.

We want you to get on with your cat, which is why we are going to teach you how to control its behaviour. This is a little-more complex than the previous tutorial, because depending on how your cat is acting up there will be different training methods.

  1. First of all, before you do anything, you need to identify what your cat is actually doing wrong. For example, you may come home every day to find that your cat has been chewing your chair leg, or it may have been clawing your pillows.
  2. Now that you know where your cat is going wrong, you need to see things from its perspective. For example, if they are scratching your expensive cushions then maybe they want something to itch their claws with, or if they are chewing something they may want to keep their mouth active. This all seems really obvious, but it is amazing how many owners do not understand their cats and just think that the cat is doing something naughty on purpose, which is not true.
  3. Now that you have thought about that, you may like to buy your cat a treat. Say your cat is called “Janice” and she is constantly scratching things, maybe you should buy her a scratching post, or a ball etc. to play with. Maybe she is chewing, in which case you should consider getting her a chew toy.
  4. Lastly, it is important never to take your aggression out on your cat because any distress you because it could destroy all of the work we have done so far, and make your cat even more disobedient.

check out what people say about cat training

I see cats as humans without voices. I talk to them like humans and they understand. They are amazing creatures to interact with as they learn very quickly. Cats see us as cats, as one of them, only we’re the smarter cat because we catch the best food! Here’s a training tip that really will astound you

I agree with you, cats can be trained quite easily as long as you have a close relationship with them. They learn a great deal, very quickly, from their mothers, and we are really just substitute ‘mothers’ for grown up kitties. :)

Many years ago I used to take my 4 cats for a walk with me across the fields backing on to my house, when I lived at my previous home which was close to several farms. They loved it! I would walk about 15 minutes across fields and then back again, with my cats running beside me. The fields were sometimes empty and other times had grazing livestock in them.

There was no traffic [as we were nowhere near roads], but there were dog walkers who would let their dogs off the lead. I worried that my cats would panic and run if they saw a dog, and this would encourage the dog to chase them. So I trained my cats to go and sit still in the nearest hedge at my command. This worked very well! I’d call out across the field to the dog walker (most of whom I knew, as they were local people) and tell them I had my cats with me, and they would oblige and keep the dog to the far side of the field until I had got my cats safely back to my garden. My cats would keep close to the hedge all the way back as per my command. My neighbours all thought I was a crazy cat lady for taking 4 cats for a walk!! :D

I don’t think I’d have had the courage to walk any of my cats in city streets though. I’d have been scared one of them might have panicked and dashed in front of a speeding car.

Yes I was terrified, but that was how I decided to train them. That house I went in at the end of the video, that was where I used to live but in the basement. I kept Baby but gave Biscuit to the man along the corridor who had the only flat with access to the garden. He used to let both cats (or kittens as they were then) into the garden, but me and him never got on too well and would often fall out. Baby is a very head strong cat and kept insisting on going out, so when as a kitten I used to carry her around the corner and pop her over the wall to the garden, then clap my hands at night time and she’d jump onto the wall and I’d take him home.
The corner of that road is very busy with double decker buses swinging round it, and Baby was terrified of them, but in time he wanted to walk to the wall himself, so I taught him to go by gateways to avoid the buses. And that was how it all started!
But you’re right, cats love going for walks with us, and yes I’ve heard the neighbours comments “oh look it’s cat man” so I used that as my username on you tube! Who cares, I love my cats!

Oh..nearly forgot, as for the possibility of them panicking and running into the road, it was imperative from the start to get them to listen to me. I had to actually train them to stop and think and that was really much easier than I thought it would be. As Baby is more of an outdoor cat than Biscuit, and as he now likes to cross two busy roads to get to his favourite haunt, I used to play ball with him in the evenings. He would run and chase the ball, then sit by it until I came to get it.
I started throwing the ball towards the dangerous corner in such a way that it was bound to go into the road, and as he ran after it and approached the road, I would shout out ‘wait’, and he would stop. He was young when I first tried this and was very good at realising he shouldn’t chase it, but even today he remembers the rules.
My biggest surprise was one day when I didn’t realise he was about, I crossed the busy road and when I got over, I heard a meow. He was sitting on the curb looking in both directions then decided it was safe to cross.
They are clever cats!

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