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Best cat training tips | Best way to train your kitten

When it comes to training your kitten, people are notoriously indecisive as to what methods to employ. Some people believe that cats don’t need to be trained and they can just be left to their own devices, but we don’t agree. Over our years of vet work we have tried and tested various animal training techniques and we can safely say that we have identified the best cat training tips, so here they are:

Best cat training tips

Social time

When it comes to cats, or any animal for that matter, it is important that they have enough time to mingle with their mother and siblings when they are born. This ensures that when they are adopted by a new family they know how to handle themselves and know how to get on with other animals.

For kittens we recommend that you let them stay with their mother, and siblings if they have any, for at least eight weeks as that is the point where they become more independent and sociable. By this time they should also be eating solid food after stopping weening from their mother.

 best cat training tips

Because it takes so long for kittens to ween, if you are buying the kitten, as opposed to raising it yourself, then it is important to make sure that the previous owner has let them mature enough first because if not it could impede their growth a lot.


We cannot stress enough how important it is to get your kitten used to contact with humans and other cats, which you can do by handling them and playing with them. This should be done from around two weeks, once they are old enough to move around and handle themselves.

 best cat training tips
When it comes the actually handling, we think that cats are best raised with contact to more than one person, the more the better. The same goes for handling time, which should be done daily, and maybe even two or three times a day.

Patience is a virtue:

When it comes to training your cat, you may find yourself getting worked up and agitated with your cat, but it is important that you stay calm and keep your composure. Showing any aggression towards your cat can have a long-term effect and this could cause it to become aggressive in the future. Out of all of our tips we would really stress that this is the  best cat training tips by far.

 best cat training tips

If your cat starts to do something that you don’t like or misbehave, you need to reward them with treats/ petting when they do the good thing. You can try and keep them engaged with new toys and treats, like a scat scratching bed and even a ball of wool, however clique that is

Rewarding good behavior

Like we just mentioned, it is important to acknowledge good actions by your cat and there are various ways you can show your appreciation. When playing with your cat you could tickle it or become more active every time they do something right, which is known as positive reinforcement. This will hopefully teach them what they are doing right and encourage them to do more of it.


 best cat training tips

Play areas

When you first introduce your cat to your house then they will most likely be running all over, familiarizing themselves with their surrounding and while this may seem good, they can get into a lot of trouble. We recommend that you designate a few rooms for them to use and set them up as a friendly and safe environment. This can also help you to house train your cat, which can be another big issue if you let them go everywhere and anywhere.

 best cat training tips

Hopefully throughout this article you have learnt some useful tips and if you stick to our guide then your cat should grow up to be a gentle and friendly feline. Some of the most important things to remember are:

  • “The eight week rule” – Remember to let your cat stay with its mother and siblings for a minimum of two months, to ensure that it not only properly weens but also socialises.
  • Handling – Make sure to play with your cat and make sure that it comes into regular contact with numerous people, this will ensure that it gets used to the big bad world.
  • Patience – This is by far the best cat training tips for kittens is having patience. Kittens can be very frustrating animals and it is important not to let this get to you. You need to reward your cat for doing things well with things like new toys and treats.

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