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Hmmm, doesn't look like plagiarism to me. What you highlighted as him plagiarizing is just him providing a list examples of Christians making victims of people unwilling to convert.

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  1. Jukus
    Jukus 10 months ago

    Naw, North Carolina is better, Texas BBQ is over rated.

  2. Bralmaran
    Bralmaran 10 months ago

    Actually, only about one-third died of disease not brought on by wounds. That leaves over 550,000 who died of combat related causes. The rest of your comment has nothing to do with us. Almost ALL of your eligible base lives in areas where cholera, pneumonia, and typhus woul be problems. Namely, the major cities.

  3. Знакомства
    Yozshugor 10 months ago

    only to be replaced with Islam - good one

  4. Hurry up and cum inside me
    Mezigis 10 months ago

    I don't consider "Jehovah God" simply as "a thing". That's too freaky for me. (Like he's a toy or something.)

  5. Shaktikus
    Shaktikus 10 months ago

    The pro-life people on yesterday's debate were very uninterested in wrapping the issue in a religious flag.

  6. Galkis
    Galkis 9 months ago

    Meh. I'm not trying to be the reason a marriage fails. Neither one of them can say I was the reason they didn't make it. I respected their wishes.

  7. Mirr
    Mirr 9 months ago

    Religious morality does align with humanistic morality in some respects, but examples like homosexuality put them in stark contrast.

  8. Shataur
    Shataur 9 months ago

    George H.W. Bush still hates broccoli

  9. Kazile
    Kazile 9 months ago

    My country, the UK, is far far worse since people have left Christianity. Moral values have plummeted, honesty is rare, kindness to others isnt common, integrity is rare now as well. Its very sad to see what has happened here in the last 50 or so years.

  10. Знакомства
    Taura 9 months ago

    Here's a solution - Kevin Williamson, when asked about the penalty for abortion said

  11. Zuludal
    Zuludal 9 months ago

    Surprisingly, I have not seen that at my Wal Mart. $hit on bathroom stalls? Check. Broken down carts with fat people stranded? No.

  12. Hurry up and cum inside me
    Kicage 9 months ago

    If she doesn't' want to wax men that's fine, I see no issue with a salon only waxing women if women work there, and don't want to wax men.

  13. Tygolmaran
    Tygolmaran 8 months ago

    That seems like a heavy course load.

  14. Знакомства
    Moogubei 8 months ago

    correct, it would significantly change evolution by natural selection. but natural selection is a catalyst, the theory of evolution is intact regardless of the engine. she has some very good points on other catalysts which only strengthens the position that evolution certainly happens and happened.

  15. Gardagul
    Gardagul 8 months ago

    Yelp doesn't review books

  16. Hurry up and cum inside me
    Dutaur 8 months ago

    Probably here, too.

  17. Douktilar
    Douktilar 8 months ago

    no, the lol is outside the quotes and referred to me laughing at my answer because that's likely not the answer you expected to hear.

  18. Gujar
    Gujar 8 months ago

    Youre the one that claimed the bible is full of bigotry and hatred and are A-OK with hate speech and conversion laws. Im simply saying you shouldn't stop there. Signs and protests that tout hate towards another group should go and this includes some books, movies, and television shows.

  19. Hurry up and cum inside me
    Vokasa 7 months ago

    Big furry one.

  20. Fauzuru
    Fauzuru 7 months ago

    Abortions are common in places with poor citizens, hence my use of this. If you want the baby I'm going to abort to live, why don't you take it and raise it yourself since you're so pro-life.

  21. Hurry up and cum inside me
    Gunris 7 months ago

    Wow... and she is not a Norwegian lady. Her black President did nothing for her; some bro she's got.

  22. Hurry up and cum inside me
    Nataur 6 months ago

    The creator is imaginary.

  23. Hurry up and cum inside me
    Tunos 6 months ago

    Option 3 is an excellent way to handle a situation like this. Actually they are all good ideas. Talking to people in a respectful way yields better results every time. You are right, these folks often know each other.

  24. Знакомства
    Tasho 6 months ago

    Pretty much this. We already know that you're going to get the quickest amount of genetic change when selective pressures change.

  25. Yokora
    Yokora 6 months ago

    That's really a good way to put it-- short and to the point. I know he's going to be p!ssed at Shawn, but all the more reason for him to know Shawn's the type he will really need to be careful around these next few months. Thank you.

  26. Vogrel
    Vogrel 6 months ago

    There is no way to drown the entire planet without killing quite a few newborns. So what exactly is their wrongdoing? Did they cry too loud, or something?

  27. Jucage
    Jucage 6 months ago

    These are things you should know. But you are happily within a cult and wouldn't dare think for yourself right? Or can't...idk. Too far indoctrinated?

  28. Samum
    Samum 5 months ago

    What, no mention of Renata? :)

  29. Arashakar
    Arashakar 5 months ago

    They do, but this is Trump we're talking about. Non-whites and Muslims are scum in his America.

  30. Знакомства
    Faemuro 5 months ago

    Please give me any actual mention of them. Why is it so important

  31. Yohn
    Yohn 5 months ago

    A1. Religious beliefs are subjective "truths". They can and do change from religion to religion as well as from theist to theist.

  32. Знакомства
    Vudom 4 months ago

    My justification? Obviously you are on drugs. Nowhere did I claim that. You on the other hand are showing your ignorance by assuming I represent the left .As for Trump there is no justification for his abysmal adulterous behavior. He is as Tillerson said a moron. Any person such as yourself who defends him is showing his bigotry and blindness of the truth.

  33. Marn
    Marn 4 months ago

    i guess that i cannot see any of my exes accepting this without issue whether jealous or concerned for my safety. i don't feel like i would respond positively either. it sounds suspect.

  34. Hurry up and cum inside me
    Zugami 4 months ago

    Your auto-post script needs some work. Again.

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Hurry up and cum inside me
Hurry up and cum inside me
Hurry up and cum inside me