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Aww thank you for the beverage thought. The images are sometimes blocked here at work and none of the animated gifs work / YouTube videos are not allowed either.


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  1. Знакомства
    Vora 11 months ago

    In trying to prove your assertion that god designed the species, you cannot use the statement that god intended species to change. They have changed, for reasons not yet agreed upon. Do you agree they change?

  2. Sabei
    Sabei 11 months ago

    That post is the beginning of a statement of faith you could use to found a religion

  3. Watch gossip girl grandfather
    Zulkizuru 11 months ago

    I can beat him

  4. Dagrel
    Dagrel 10 months ago

    Th first link does not back you up and the second states the idea it is mark has been rejected. Now what is neat is they did find parts of Mark from about 90 CE in a deathmask in 2015. This predates the oldest confirmed fragment by 50 years or more. Sadly, it is likely to be years before we know how close it is to the other fragment ( s we know the gospel of Mark changed over time) but it is very interesting

  5. Знакомства
    Faezragore 10 months ago

    Nope that's wrong.

  6. Yozshunris
    Yozshunris 10 months ago

    You're in jail because you don't like violence?

  7. Voodoorn
    Voodoorn 10 months ago

    When exactly did we get defeated by Canada? LOL

  8. Kigalkis
    Kigalkis 10 months ago

    Why? Because you think so?

  9. Watch gossip girl grandfather
    Mazusida 10 months ago

    Thank you! it was on the tip of my thoughts.

  10. Знакомства
    Gardataxe 10 months ago

    And just how did you know it was your god and not say Ninkasi or, perish the thought, Old Scratch?

  11. Watch gossip girl grandfather
    Mazulabar 9 months ago

    What can i do my wife and parents dont want to leave

  12. Знакомства
    Megal 9 months ago

    Plan B? Plan A failed? Your view of God is so poor. The word faith appears not one time in the OT, believe occurs 15 times. "I the LORD do not change. ?

  13. Dougar
    Dougar 9 months ago

    Why don't you just pray that I be converted tomorrow? I'll get back to you then.

  14. Watch gossip girl grandfather
    Taur 9 months ago

    Even afflicting someone with something or punishing them or leading them is not affecting their free will or controlling them. There's no evidence from any reading of the Bible that most people are controlled. If anything, we learn they do their own thing over time.

  15. Watch gossip girl grandfather
    Mulkis 9 months ago

    Soooo, my advice is make your credit card work for you. See which ones offer the best cashback value [or travel if you're into that] on purchases you regularly make.

  16. Nagore
    Nagore 9 months ago

    No, it is knowing people have free will.

  17. Arasida
    Arasida 9 months ago

    Is that your only excuse?

  18. Fenrilkree
    Fenrilkree 8 months ago

    NO. PRB is an EVERY POSSIBLE VIEWPOINT THAT EXISTS CHANNEL. It does not tell posters right from wrong, nor is it moderated by "crusaders."

  19. Watch gossip girl grandfather
    Nikolmaran 8 months ago

    The strawman doesn't grow a brain: he's given a degree by an institute of higher learning. Which is apparently the same thing.

  20. Знакомства
    Tusida 8 months ago

    Catholic theologians actually got really technical with this one. They defended religious icons on the ground that the images weren't "graven."

  21. Знакомства
    Toktilar 8 months ago

    What universe of evidence that supports a god hypothesis? And who actually believes that?

  22. Kazilmaran
    Kazilmaran 7 months ago

    And I'll bet your one of those who claim to know something they don't.

  23. Dajin
    Dajin 7 months ago

    As I noted (and apparently you forgot or simply didn't care) science doesn't address the subject of gods, so you won't find a study saying that a porcelain teapot in orbit around Jupiter isn't needed, either. And I never made any equivance between "unknown" and "unknowable." That was your error.

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Watch gossip girl grandfather
Watch gossip girl grandfather