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How to Train your Dog to Come

Today I’ll show you how to reliably make sure that your dog comes to you when you call this episode in the dungeon the revolution is sponsored by click comes up for Luca and if you’re new to my channel click Subscribe to learn how to teach your dog everything.

Luca is a really smart girl but she’s less than reliable when she’s asked to come when called today will attempt to improve that if you’re looking for a super comprehensive dog training experience pick up a copy of my new book The dog training revolution I’ll have a link in the description teaching your dog to come to you.

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You’ll understand that teaching your dog especially during the first year comes down to controlling where they can and can’t go. If your dog routinely gets used to not coming to you when you call them well then you’ve got a bad habit on your hands for the first few months of teaching your dog to come to you when you call them make sure that you have a long lead about twenty feet or so in order to make sure that you can get your dog when you call them now that’s not the same as a retractable leash just a good old fashioned simple one will have a link in the description where you can pick one up see if your dog is never in a position to disregard your request when you call them that you’ll be in a much better position to create and solidify this good habit today we’re going to be training in an outdoor environment now for that reason you’ll want to make sure that your dog is very reliable on the steps we’re going to cover today indoors first that’s because outdoor training can be a lot more distracting to many dogs. Particularly if they’re new to listening to you outside since teaching your dog to come to you in such a vital skill you want to have a serious motivator I like to use cooked meat today I’ll be using some jelly meat with Luka but there’s nothing.

With using a really good dog treats for more casual training session. The first thing I want to do is ask Luka to sit the reason I’m doing this command Don’t be grass sit very good. The reason I want to do that is I want to confirm that Luca is in a teachable mindset see if your dog is new to this type of training. You may need to let them sniff around it’s normal for ground sense to really distract a lot of dogs. It could take as much as twenty or thirty minutes before your dog is really ready to listen to you.

This is normal and much more common in the beginning and will get better over time if you really want to give yourself a leg up when teaching your dog to come to you call them and then these e ass tick in a happy inviting voice look. Come on.

Yes Good job.

Look at that tail wagging right there. I love that if you can get your dog’s tail wagging is there come into your definitely on the right track of the boy and using a stern or angry voice. See we want to go out of our way to create as many instances of having a positive outcome to coming to us if you can consistently let your dog know look I’m worth
coming to than you’re going to make huge gains on this sort of short period of time as your dog comes to you say something like Come here or calm or Luca come be extra generous as you pay your dog for those first couple of weeks.

This creates a great association with coming to you that you really want your dog to have let’s say that your dog isn’t really coming to your calling and then that happy voice but they’re either too distracted or just not really motivated by your enthusiasm at that particular moment. Try coming up to them let them know you have that treat and lure them back to where you were calling them from over here here and see she’s a little distracted by ground sounds extremely normal Don’t be discouraged by that look over here.

Luca and I’m going to keep these treats coming letting her know every step of the way it
pays to listen to me with dogs. You have to really reward for those small incremental step and this is what you would do with a dog who’s a little bit more reluctant to look at him here. If you’re calling your dog when they’re not coming to you. Another thing that you can do that will help out. Is to shorten the distance. Look let me come here. Very good and
nice war a great shortcut to teaching your dog to come to you is engaging in a good old fashioned game of chase if you’re up for it run away from your dog in order to encourage them to follow you.

How to Train your Dog to Come

This will really instill in their mind this concept of coming to you when you call them. Plus in most circumstances they’ll really be enjoying themselves avoid missing opportunities when your dog comes to you when you don’t call them to reward those two right now I’m not even calling her if she takes one step towards me. I’m going to let her know that I really really like that. Yes Good job do not be in a hurry to wean them off of treats for many months of come when called training was great as your dog is doing really well with the steps that we’ve covered so far. You’ll want to introduce some distractions don’t skip this part.

After all come when called doesn’t really matter much unless the whole do it when they’re distracted. I’ve got my favorite pet Flo squeaky toy here and I’m going to start distracting or with it but I want you to notice something I’m going to keep us in a very close area I’m not going to ask her to come to me all the way across the field with a distraction at
first good look. Yes good. That was really good. That was nice. I mean that’s exactly what we’re going for and I want to point out that we really set her up for success already by taking these other steps look at them you can hear. Yes hello.

Do you see that Luca tried to get the boy in mid jump thought that her of it and decided to come to me instead. That’s what you want you can also try distracting them with some good food like this. This might be a bit more tempting Palooka are here to look at coming which didn’t go very well this time I’m kind of try to be a step ahead of Luka and not let her
get the treats. So again my goal is to be able to have these treats here and get her to come to me instead of those these alone. Good girl. Good to me know. Oh leave it alone. This could just as well be a swirl I mean she’s very focused on

This is what she wants to think he asked me. Yes can look right there and she’s still she hasn’t forgotten about it. She’s one smart girl. I mean. Now if she goes for it. I’m prepared to cover it up. Good. Come on. Yes I’m going to do something a little bit more ambitious Now I’m going to put the bowl of treats right here that she really loves in between
us and I’m going to ask her to come to me again I’m still going to be prepared to cover them up if I see it in her eyes that she’s thinking about going to the destruction but she’s quick so I’ll have to be as well look come here. Yes good job and you can see her she looked right at the treats then made the decision to come to me those are the kind of habits we really want to reinforce this now it is imperative to practice exercises like this and lots of different places for several months in order to teach your dog to truly generalize coming to you no matter what.

There’s nothing more important to be the making. So that you guys have all the knowledge you need to teach your dog really thoughtfully support my videos
by offering your financial support on patriarch dot com I have a link in the description click thumbs up. If you think. Luca did a good job. I certainly think she did make sure subscribe to my channel because I have so many fun videos coming your way don’t forget to set up automatic pet food delivery at Peplow dot com That link will be in the description and
pick up a copy of my all new book Zack George’s dog training revolution that link will be in the description to you did great things more if you need help. Teaching your dog to bark or stop barking check out my recent video with Jacob the rescue dog on our cover some excellent exercises you can do to improve communication between you and your dog. I highly recommend you check out my book Dog Training revolution and use both the book and mind you tube that uses your guide to teaching your dog check out the video about the book if you’re interested in that of course I could never have an of the leash walking see how my recent leash walking session with Jacob in hundred teach your dog to walk nicely on a leash.

They give so much for subscribing and they do so much to all over the fence on the tree on who helped make these videos possible. We’ll see you guys in the next video.

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Cat Breed – Choosing the Best Cat Breed for You

Maybe you don’t have idea about how many different Cat Breed are present in this world. You know some counted names and form your counted name one is most common which is “Persian”.

Cat Breed

But there are much more breed of cats like Abyssinah, American Bobtail, American Curl, American Shorthair, American Wirehair, Balinese-Javanese, Bengal, Birman, Bombay, British Shorthair, Burmese, Chartreux, Cornish Rex, Devon Rex, Egyptian Mau, European Burmese, Exocit Shorthair, Havana Brown, Himalayan, Japanese Bobtail, Korat, LaPerm, Maine Coon, Manx, Norwegian Forest Cat, Ocicat, Oriental, Peterbald, Pixiebob, Ragamuffin, Ragdoll, Russian Blue, Savannah, Scottish, Fold, Selkirk Rex, Siamese, Siberian, Singapura, Somali, Sphynx, Tonkinese, Toyger, Turkish Angora, and last but maybe not the least Turkish Van.

You know how many I have written here? 45 and I really got tired.

Knowing the names is not the only thing which will help you to choose the right breed for you. You need to know the detail of them, their behavior, nature, food habits, littering territory, looks and many more.

Whenever you are to adopt a cat for you will be needed to answer of some questions which are given below:

How long your cat would alone at home?
Where it gonna live mostly?
Do cat need to share the house with other animals like dog or cat of another breed?
How energetic your cat be?
what would be the physique of your cat?
Your preferred coat of length of your cat’s hair?
Number of groom session you cat would have in a week?
Type of cat you prefer?
Which colored cat do you prefer?

Now your mind is bursting in confusion like why you need to answer of the above question.

You have as this can ensure the perfect breed cat for your home environment and for the member you have in your family.

Active Kitty

Cat Breed
we all have a common thing about the cats, lazy. But for some breed, its wrong. Not all are lazy at all as these Abyssinians, Japanese Bobtails, Balinese and the Sphynx will certainly prove you wrong. If you are finding a cat just like you are than these are the one. Like you they love to keep their owner too busy with playtime. The cats which are active, have tendered to be more vocal. This one point is very important to take as a consideration whenever you are to choose an active and energized kitty.

Do you heard about water loving cat?

Cat Breed
Got puzzled reading the title? Don’t because there are some cats who not only love to play but huge fan of water. Some breed never mind, might like it. They may be drawn naturally upon it or and if you have took a decision bring a cat like that than Turkish Vans, American Shorthairs, Maine Coons, Bengals and American Bobtails are the breeds.
Cat fits with your busy schedule

If you are a kind of busy person and stay of your home for long pulling day, then you too can adopt a cat which will not mind with you at all. Many several breeds are there which will suit with your needs and will accommodate with your schedule. You should be fair with your potential pet as they are coming to your life by your choice.so it’s your responsibility to choose the right breed for you which will work best at you and in your ideal situation. You can choose a breed which fit to your busy schedule- Siamese, British Shorthair, Russian Blue and American Shorthair.

Love for Sphynx?

Cat Breed
These Sphynx came before the Austin Powers franchise. Sphynx doesn’t have long hair; this is the reason that people have common misconception of no need to groom them. Though it is not the truth. They may not have hair all over the body but has a layer of peach fuzz and this can develop an odor which you need to remove them by weekly bathing and by cleaning the ear and trimming the nails. Again you need to keep them indoors mostly for safety to protect them from the sun’s harmful rays. Because of these special attention, these kittens seem to be healthy generally. These breeds are needy like the children, and are not that much sufficient like the other. Sphynx hate to be alone for long period of time. One who love and can handle them with care should adopt them.

Love Long-haired cat kitty?

Cat Breed
Cats of long-haired are majestic in creatures and can draw you to them with their cotton candy-like tufts of fur. These breeds need moderate grooming for their long-haired fur. There is a tool name PetZoom Self Cleaning Grooming Brush with which you can groom them easily as it helps to eliminate all the unwanted tumbleweeds of hair lie on the tile floor. During the warmer months, you need to be very careful about the mindful of all those fur when letting your long-haired cat outdoors. And I think you will not like to wear a jacket in the middle of July.

Beautiful Bengal with added responsibility

Are you ready to take some added responsibility as an ownership before you consider to bring these strikingly and exotic Bengal cat breed? These cat breed need some serious attention and responsibility on your shoulder. Like the other domestic house cat, these Bengal cat breed are extremely intelligent, active and little bit wide too. Experts recommend, one should not consider this Bengal cat breed if they don’t have much research on them properly of their expectation. Say for example, Bengal cat breed are high demanded personality as they don’t like to be left alone for long extended period of time that because they love the companionship of their owner.

In may intro, I have listed some questions which will help you have right cat breed for you to adopt.

All the question they will have some reasons which I am going to explain you below.

Q: how long your cat would alone at home?

As some cat breeds love the human companionship and very social too.

Q: Where it gonna live mostly?

Many cat breed are more suitable be kept indoor than others.

Q; do cat need to share the house with other animals like dog or cat of another breed?

Some cat breed respond in sharing their home with others.

Q-How energetic your cat be?

Some people like to match their activity level of their own with cat’s and some want their cat breed to be more energized than them and play.

Q-what would be the physique of your cat

There is some cat breed which are noted for their physical size.

Q-Your preferred coat of length of your cat’s hair?

Cat breed with long hair needs some grooming and one with hairless require more maintenance then the other cat breed.

Q-number of groom session you cat would have in a week?

As grooming helps to insulate the body more efficiently.

Q: type of cat you prefer?

Pedigree cats are exhibited specifically just to exhibit the particular physical characteristics and non-pedigree which are also known as moggies’ cat breeds come from a real mix cats.

Q: Which colored cat do you prefer?

With the preferred color, they can explain the cat breed’s behavior and personality which really matters with these kittens.

So choose wisely and do more research on your favorite or preferred choices of cat breeds. The question along with the answers will help you a lot to choose the right and best cat breed for your environment, home and for your family. For more tips and tricks stay tuned at out sight.

Top Funny kitten videos 2017 | Aimeesanimals

Funny kitten videos 2017

This cat takes better selfies than you! You may have to watch this at least twice.


Dishwashing is for showing,just to have a whole fish at dinner


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We all love the way cat behave and try to understanding cat behavior whenever we play with them or when they are left alone.