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Many very knowledgeable bible scholars will tell you that chapter one and chapter two were written by two different people. The name of god is different as is the syntax and concepts. Others put the stories together but there is a distinct difference all through the first two books of the bible. So, no, I don't see any truth in the old testament. It all has to be interpreted and it has been many times by many people. Just look at the exodus from Egypt and the creation and you see the mythology in it. Then also keep in mind when it was written, well after all the stories would have taken place.

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Kinky Evie Davis fucked good in every hole.

Anne was totally shocked, the body was still recognisably Paul's but the voice, if she hadn't known better she would have sworn it was Julie's. I slowly fucked her mouth while Amber watched from above.

"Why on Earth did you go along with this.

but as they basked in each other's juices they were unaware of what was about to happen. I asked him if he was up to it again. I walk over to her as she lowers her head looking at the floor, " Hey Tiffany look at me" I say as Tiffany looks at me and smiles with tears in her eyes as I continue," You know I'm kind of glad you all came.

"Do you need to eat something. "Whatever, I need the shower. Amy swiftly opened the door to find Amber reaching for a towel; the shower curtain fully pulled back revealing her nude wet body.

" His wife said. "I want to you clench your bum together while I take this out, Honey. " "I would love to" he replied guiltily. "Did you make copies?" I couldn't answer. " "Nothing to be embarrassed about," she said, "they're very cute.

He told me his mother lived in Jarvis and that it was a good town. When I saw Jessica get up and head to the bathroom I saw the bruises from the flogging last night. I bet you wouldn't know what to do with me if you got me naked.

" I just sat there with my mouth open like an idiot, and she grinned and walked over to me seductively swaying her hips.

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    Zulkira 9 months ago

    You write poorly. Such a shame you've proven to post disappointingly dishonestly. No "uv" there, kid.

  2. Kigalabar
    Kigalabar 9 months ago

    Persecution is part and parcel of human being life.

  3. Tugore
    Tugore 8 months ago

    That's not even close to what Rom 1:27 says.

  4. Dusar
    Dusar 8 months ago

    "So, in your mind, the Maker of all that is cowers at iron chariots?"

  5. Taboo young teen art
    Maushakar 8 months ago

    In this thread, I've seen several people trying to say that according to the Bible, Jesus was not actually God. Thought I'd offer these verses to help clarify things:

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    Mitilar 8 months ago

    Out of the night that covers me,

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    Kazrasida 8 months ago

    LOL, Typical brainless conservative response!

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    Bralar 8 months ago

    Your childishly simplistic assumptions prove only your ignorance and gullibility, Kev.

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    Mazujind 7 months ago

    Worth every penny.

  10. Taboo young teen art
    Katilar 7 months ago

    "While the name Lilith does not even appear in the Bible," So where in later chapters of what is she mentioned?

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    Shakara 7 months ago

    That's what I wonder. How does she treat him? I pray she is at least nice to him because they live together.

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    Majora 7 months ago

    The weather? What has that got to do with the question of your ID., Mohammed?....Unless you're on cloud 9! You slow-witted lefty hack!

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Taboo young teen art